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Innovation from India Gives Speech Disabilities a Voice

Chennai, India-based Invention Labs has created a multilingual augmentative and alternative communication ipad app, Avaz (voice) for people with speech disabilities.  It is priced at  $200 in the U.S. and $100 in India.

“Until the launch of Avaz, all augmentative and alternative communication devices available in the U.S. were monolingual. The U.S. has a large Spanish speaking and Asian population so the product was a natural fit for them. Even today, there is nothing in the market that is as easy to use as Avaz,” says Lucas Steuber, a speech pathologist and co-founder and development director, Aim High Ignite.

About 35,000 children with varying degrees of speech dysfunction use this app, with more than 60% of them in the U.S., 15% in Denmark, 10% in India and the rest spread across the world, reports Outlook Business.

Avaz and FreeSpeech

Based on feedback from therapists that students using this app were able to articulate one word only and not a sentence, Invention Labs created FreeSpeech in which a computer generates the language and helps users communicate in complex sentences. Priced at $10 for the overseas market and $3 in India, this app is more immersive claims CEO Ajit Narayanan, who adds, “We got into this business to give children who had speech disabilities a voice. We have used technology to cater to a larger audience and solve the problem of learning a language, helping people achieve a better standard of living. Language is the best thing that we humans have created. It entertains, enlightens and most importantly empowers.”


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GE, Tata Trusts to Enhance Skills in Healthcare Sector

In an effort to build and enhance skills in the healthcare sector, GE Healthcare and India’s Tata Trusts have entered into a partnership to train 10,000 youth in various technical areas of healthcare over a three-year period.

GE Healthcare Education Institute will design, develop and execute courses to equip trainees to graduate as X-ray, radiography, medical equipment, anesthesia, operation theater, and cardiac care technicians, as well as counselors in managing diabetes. These courses will be effected through a mix of both classroom training and interactive training exercises.

GE Healthcare

Tata Trusts will offer loan scholarships to the candidates that qualify for the training programs; GE will also fund certain candidates on the basis of their eligibility, says Skill Reporter.


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Google Delivers the Internet on Bicycles in India

Alphabet Inc unit Google has partnered with India’s Tata Trusts in launching  “Internet Saathi” (Internet partner)  to empower women and their communities in rural India by enabling them to use the Internet and benefit from it in their daily lives. The joint initiative is aimed at bridging the technology gender divide, explains Tata Trusts.

Launch of Internet Saathi

Launch of Internet Saathi

Equipped with bicycles with large boxes on the back containing internet-enabled devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system, the guides ride their bicycles from one village to another showing women how to search for information, using Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp messaging service, and even just using a smartphone to make a call, says the Wall Street Journal.

A year into the launch, the program’s 9,000 female tutors have imparted a better understanding to more than 1 million women of how being connected could improve their lives.

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Zuckerberg Invests in India’s EdTech Firm Byju’s

The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative — founded by  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan —  invested $50 million in BYJU‘s, an edtech firm based in Bangalore, India that has created a learning app for school students as well as for those aspiring to undertake competitive exams such GRE and GMAT among others.

The math and science learning app, which has 250,000 subscribers, helps students in grades 4-12 learn subjects like physics, chemistry and biology on their own. It uses original content and teaches it through a mix of video lessons, interactive activities and quizzes, reports CNN Money.

Byju's Learning App

Since its launch last year, the learning app has already seen phenomenal engagement, with over 3.5 million students on its platform.

“I’m optimistic about personalized learning and the difference it can make for students everywhere,” wrote Zuckerberg. “[It’s] why we’re looking forward to working with companies like BYJU’s to get these tools into the hands of more students and teachers around the world.”

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Largest Number of Businesses in India are Retailers

With over  16 million  retail shops in the country — about one for every 15 families — this sector of work surpasses others in its numbers.

Manufacturing is second to retail with over 10 million units. However, the number of employees in this sector is greater than those in the retail trade. Most retail stores are tiny by Western standards and employ less than ten people.

Phoenix Mall in Mumbai

Phoenix Mall in Mumbai

Transport companies, warehousing, hotels and eateries, and healthcare-related enterprises are other major occupations, while educational enterprises have emerged as major employers.

These facts emerge from the 6th Economic Census conducted by the Government of India in 2013, detailed results of which were released earlier this year, reports the Times of India.

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