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Cisco Makes India Their Global Export Hub

Hoping to make India a global export hub, San Jose, CA-based Cisco is working with its global component-making partners to help facilitate this plan. “We are working with the global ecosystem providers to set up shop in India and as they start moving in, costs will be less as we will not have to import the same components that are needed to manufacture the product,” Dinesh Malkani, president of Cisco (India and Saarc) told the Times of India.


Cisco, which files two patents per week in India, has set up six innovation centers in the cities of Bangalore and Jaipur and in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat to co-innovate with customers, startups, and partners to build new solutions and products.






India is one of Cisco’s best performing countries globally over the past four to five quarters. the company launched its first Made-in India product last month, a router, one of the most popular products in its portfolio globally.



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Ericsson and IIT Delhi to Roll Out ‘5G for India Program’

Swedish firm Ericsson and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly roll out a ‘5G for India’ program. Ericsson has agreed to set up a Center of Excellence with a 5G test bed and incubation center at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and use this facility to drive the development of India’s 4.5G and 5G ecosystems.

“The program will focus on delivering research, innovation and industrial pilots that use next-generation 5G networks as an enabler. It will help initiate cross-industry research collaborations focused on the integration of ICT in industry processes, products and services,” Paolo Colella, Head of Region India at Ericsson, said.

Ericsson and IIT-D to Collaborate on 5G

The first series of tests will begin in the second half of 2017 in India, while globally limited deployment and 5G trials are expected to start by mid-2018 and commercial availability is likely in 2020.

Business Insider reports that in addition to hosting the Center of Excellence, the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, will conduct research and development to explore how some of the country’s challenges can be addressed with mobile technologies and how smart cities can be developed.


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India’s Companies Focus on Developing Technology Devices

Harvard University and India’s Mumbai-based Tata Group are collaborating on a wearable device powered by soft robotics. The device will be akin to a suit or exoskeleton adding more strength to elbow joints and allowing a worker to lift something instead of using a machine for the purpose.

The Group’s CTO Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, said, “The wearable device fits in with our overall concept of the connected worker. We are using sensor technology for safety and other aspects of the job he is performing and hope to be leaders in this space.” The device would alert the wearer if the carbon dioxide or monoxide levels in the room reached a level unsafe for humans.

Pune-based KPIT Technologies has introduced an augmented reality-based glass that can help trainees learn the nuances of certain processes needing specific hand gestures like molding.
Augmented Reality
India’s IT companies creating applications for emerging technology such as drones, augmented and virtual reality and sensor tracking which are used by both the manufacturing and industrial sectors. At certain industrial ports and factories, drones and chip-based IDs are already being used to ensure that no person is accidentally left behind, reports the Economic Times.
L&T Infotech has an AR glass solution that allows field engineers to inspect and identify areas safe for construction. Since this happens in real-time and allows for quick decision-making, it has led to an increase in operational efficiency and worker productivity, said the company.

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Diageo’s India Business Center May Serve 70 Global Markets

Diageo Enterprise Operations, which provides U.K.-based liquor company  Diageo, its customers and suppliers with shared business functions, is located in India’s southern city of Bangalore. The center will offer new services in the technical IT area – including data, analytics and technology and it will also establish “a robotics center of excellence”.

Ivan Menezes CEO, Diageo

Ivan Menezes CEO, Diageo

Speaking at the launch last month, CEO Ivan Menezes said, “In the next three years, it is likely to become one of Diageo’s biggest business centers supporting Diageo’s customers, suppliers and employees, providing services to 70 global markets for Diageo”, reports The Spirits Business.

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Scientists in India Develop Credit Card-Sized ECG Device

Scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center have developed a credit card-sized Tele-ECG machine that can transmit an ECG over any smartphone to any part of the world. This 12-channel ECG machine works on an Android-platform, can be recharged via a mobile charger, and is priced at $61. It is likely the smallest of its kind.

“The quality of the ECG is excellent and it has come to me in two to three different formats for me to view,” Dr. Hemant Haldavnekar, a consulting physician, said.

 Hand-held ECG Device

“This is a small low-cost ECG machine that on a single charge can record 300 ECGs. It is rightly suited for rural areas,” the developer of the tele-ECG machine, Vineet Sinha, scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, said reports NDTV.

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