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Foxconn to Invest $5 Billion in India

Taiwan-based Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer for electronics, will invest up to $5 billion in India to make the country a parallel manufacturing hub to China for export to key markets across Europe and the U.S. In India, Foxconn is keen on investing in a display fab unit, Computer Numerical Control machines, a lithium-ion cell factory, and facilities for printed circuit boards.

An executive of the company said, “India is already high on our priority list, and we now plan to step up investments and business here by opening new factories and expanding the manufacturing footprint.” The expansion will create employment opportunities in the country , the official said, adding that the company is in serious talks with many state governments.

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Foxconn manufactures phones for companies such as InFocus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Nokia and Gionee from its existing facilities in India. The official said that Foxconn will look at “vertical integration” for its operations in India, reports the Economic Times.

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India to Add Over 200 Million Mobile Subscribers by 2020

According to the report The Mobile Economy – Asia Pacific 2017  by the GSM Association, India will  add 206 million new subscribers by 2020, while China will add 155 million subscribers, reports LiveMint.

Mobile Subscribers 2016-2020

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Mobile Adoption in the region is rising
    • Asia Pacific will account for almost two thirds of new subscribers globally by 2020
    • There will be more than 3.1 billion, or three quarters of the population, mobile subscribers in Asia Pacific
  • There has been dramatic shift towards higher speed mobile technology in Asia Pacific
    • 4G will account for 48% of total connections by 2020
    • Asian markets are driving the development of 5G mobile technologies
    • By 2025, 5G connections (excluding IoT) are anticipated to reach 670 million across the region, accounting for just under 60% of global 5G connections
  • In the region as a whole, total revenues grew by 3% in 2016, down from 9% in 2013
    • In 2016, mobile technologies and services generated 5.2% of GDP in Asia-Pacific, amounting to about $1.3 trillion of economic value
    • In the period to 2020 this will increase to $1.6 trillion (5.4% of GDP)


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Amazon’s India Innovations Adopted Globally

Seattle-based Amazon‘s innovations in India are being adopted by its teams from across the globe including its U.S. and European e-commerce arms, Terry Hanold, vice president of Amazon’s international consumer technology, said.

The Times of India reports that a successful innovation, called “seller flex,” allows a seller to make their location available for Amazon to store inventory and help them receive an additional stream of revenue. “We saw customers benefit and that idea has been scaled out to other Amazon marketplaces, allowing us to expand our footprint without having to invest a lot in physical infrastructure,” said Dale Vaz, director of software development at Amazon India.

Amazon’s seller app has tools and features to help sellers do their inventory management and logistics better. “These are India specific tools that we built for sellers to help manage the business more effectively. Now we are rolling this out to other markets including the U.S.,” said Hanold.

To win in India, Amazon shifted focus from Apple to Android mobile devices. “We looked at how we could support customers who are on smaller devices which have less computing power, and we looked backwards, we went into the app and stripped down large portions of it that we believed weren’t useful to the customers. We removed voice search and image search. From 17MB, it came down to 2MB,” Vaz said.
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 To support the sale of used items, Amazon-owned affiliate, Junglee, built a system which enables Amazon to have a product picked up from the seller’s home, vet, pack, and ship it to the buyer using the Amazon India infrastructure. It also built an escrow account, which allowed the company to hold the money until the buyer could verify the product before the money was transferred to the seller’s account.
Now, this is being implemented in other markets of the e-commerce giant.

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Apple India Records 18% Growth in Second Quarter

Apple reported over $45 billion in revenue and $8.7 billion in profit for the second quarter.  CEO Tim Cook declared, “We are investing in India. We have already launched an app accelerator center. That’s on top of working with the channel and looking at expanding our go-to-market in general. And we began to produce the iPhone SE there during the quarter, and we’re really happy with how that’s going.” The company’s sales in India grew at over 18 percent compared to the second quarter last year.

The Times of India reports that Cook said, “I’m very, very bullish and very, very optimistic about India.”



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Mobile Data and Subscribers to Grow Exponentially in India

A report by Mumbai-headquartered global analytical company CRISIL says that mobile data consumption in India grew 24 times in last five years, and is set to grow four-fold in the next five years through fiscal 2022, with data subscribers expected to double beyond 900 million and penetration reaching 80% from 40% at present.

Other key takeaways reported by

  • Faster penetration will be supported by a continued drop in tariffs
  • Telcos will need to focus on increasing per-subscriber usage to bolster incremental revenues
  • The per subscriber usage will reach 2.3 GB per user by 2022
  • Rapid expansion in Wi-Fi infrastructure will cause a shift in data traffic to fixed lines after fiscal 2022
  • Videos contribute nearly 80% to total data traffic (direct and indirect) in India
  • Video viewership is dominated by regional languages – nearly 60% in Hindi and nearly 35% in other regional languages
  • Time spent on mobiles by Indians is already in line with evolved markets

The report added that India lacks in Wi-Fi hotspots, which is reflected in the time spent on surfing internet over Wi-Fi being a low 18% compared with 50% in the U.S. It suggested that “India needs to catch up significantly with close to 35,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.”

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