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Jeep Compass Sales in India Exceed Expectations

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is close to making more revenue in India than it invested in a factory at Pune, 90 miles from Mumbai, due to strong customer response to the Jeep Compass SUV it launched in late July.
“It is expanding into the world’s largest markets such as India that is fueling our growth and accelerating our expansion,” said Paul Alcala, who heads the company’s operations in Asia.
Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

The Economic Times reports that the Italian-American automaker has so far secured orders for 8,171 units of Jeep Compass 2017 worth $245 million in India; the company has invested $280 million in the factory.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is ramping up production and is working toward a 25% more output than initially planned. The company says it will operate two shifts for six days a week for the first time since the plant was set up a decade ago. Production of export-designated vehicles has not started yet.

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Foreign Travel Arrivals in India Grow 15 percent this year

India’s Ministry of Tourism released a report based on data from the Bureau of Immigration that says the number of overseas travelers to India grew 15 percent year-on-year. For the period January – July 2017 foreign travel arrivals numbered 5,674,000 , compared to 4,903,000  in the corresponding time period last year.

Considering the number of arrivals, Bangladesh has emerged on top of the chart, with a share of 20.12 percent, followed by tourists from the United States of America (16.26 percent) and United Kingdom (10.88 percent).

A Section of New Delhi Airport

A Section of New Delhi Airport

Travelers arriving on e-visas have registered a year-on-year growth of 73.3 percent — a total of 119,000  tourists arrived on an e-Tourist Visa as compared to 68,000  in July last year. USA and U.K. were at the top two spots in terms of countries availing e- Tourist Visa facilities in July 2017, with percentage shares of 12.9 and 12 respectively.

The international airport at New Delhi received the highest number of foreign travelers, reports Business Standard.

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SunTrac Collaborates with India’s Perfect Infraengineers

SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC., a Wyoming limited liability company with its office in Tempe, AZ, entered into a collaboration with Mumbai, India-based Perfect Infraengineers.

Perfect Infra now has the license to manufacture SunTrac’s hybrid thermal systems, a proprietary technology, that integrates with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, and refrigeration devices reducing compressor electricity consumption by up to 40%. Perfect Infra will also market and distribute these products under the ‘Perfect-SunTrac’ name.

These panels work on cloudy days, as long as the light available can cast a shadow, with visible light and invisible  ultraviolet-A and ultraviole-B rays. Perfect will provide ready-to-install systems with solar collectors and the necessary smart controls.

SunTrac Hybrid Thermal Systems

SunTrac Hybrid Thermal Systems

Perfect Infraengineers chairman and managing director Nimesh Mehta said that his company will fulfill SunTrac’s global order flow from the Middle East/North Africa regions, Australia and Asia, reports BusinessLine.

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India to Add Over 200 Million Mobile Subscribers by 2020

According to the report The Mobile Economy – Asia Pacific 2017  by the GSM Association, India will  add 206 million new subscribers by 2020, while China will add 155 million subscribers, reports LiveMint.

Mobile Subscribers 2016-2020

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Mobile Adoption in the region is rising
    • Asia Pacific will account for almost two thirds of new subscribers globally by 2020
    • There will be more than 3.1 billion, or three quarters of the population, mobile subscribers in Asia Pacific
  • There has been dramatic shift towards higher speed mobile technology in Asia Pacific
    • 4G will account for 48% of total connections by 2020
    • Asian markets are driving the development of 5G mobile technologies
    • By 2025, 5G connections (excluding IoT) are anticipated to reach 670 million across the region, accounting for just under 60% of global 5G connections
  • In the region as a whole, total revenues grew by 3% in 2016, down from 9% in 2013
    • In 2016, mobile technologies and services generated 5.2% of GDP in Asia-Pacific, amounting to about $1.3 trillion of economic value
    • In the period to 2020 this will increase to $1.6 trillion (5.4% of GDP)


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Microsoft India Innovates for Social, Tech Segments

Bangalore-based Microsoft Research India investigates machine learning, natural language processing, algorithms, cryptography and data sciences for the company. It also explores creating technology for emerging markets. Successful projects are scaled up, and sometimes they are also taken to other markets.

Microsoft Research India Office

CNBC reports on some current projects from the research lab:

Melange: is trying to study multilingual speech that can help to humanize virtual assistants in the future, and make them more accessible to the developing world.

HAMS or Harnessing Automobiles for Safety : uses sensors such as a smartphone’s front-camera, a phone’s GPS and a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics scanner to detect and alert if a driver is distracted or sleepy while driving.

99DOTS: looked at low-cost ways to ensure tuberculosis patients regularly take their medication.

Sangam:   trains blue collar workers.

“One of the things that we’re trying to do in Microsoft Research is to predict and invent the future,” Sriram Rajamani, managing director of Microsoft Research India, told CNBC.


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