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Liebherr Invests $75 Million in Refrigerator Factory in India

Germany-based manufacturer of refrigeration and cooling appliances, Liebherr, invested $75 million  to set up a manufacturing unit in Aurangabad, India, and plans to roll out a new line of refrigerators in May. The Libherr group evaluated other countries including Europe, Brazil, China and Russia before finalizing its India launch. According to Steffen Nagel, the company’s managing director for sales, India’s rising household income, improving living standards, and product penetration for cooling appliances which is at around 35% are all factors that make the group confident about success in this country.

refigerator by Liebherr

Roman Schafer, Liebherr Appliances Business Development executive said, “Our first phase of production is designed to have a production of 500,000 units, and this is going to happen in next five years.” He added, “Everything will be locally produced. We have a local sourcing strategy and only those components will be imported which are not available here.” Schafer disclosed that in the second phase of development Liebherr will export some of its products to neighboring countries.

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Scientists from India Develop World’s Thinnest Material

Indian scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, in the state of Gujarat, have  claimed  to have created the world’s thinnest material, 100,000 times narrower than a sheet of paper — a two-dimensional material of just one-nanometer thickness. The three member research team includes two students working toward a PhD: Harini Gunda, and Saroj Kumar Das; and Professor Kabeer Jasuja, a Ph.D. from Kansas State University.

“We prepared boron-rich nanosheets by an extremely simple method, which merely involves dissolving a boride compound in water and letting it recrystallize for just the right duration of time,” Dr. Kabeer Jasuja of the university’s Department of Chemical Engineering explained. “The rich chemistry of boron is expected to make these nanosheets useful for not only storing energy but also for generating energy in a green way. We are now working towards utilizing these nanosheets for developing the next generation batteries and nanocatalysts,” added Jasuja.

Ball-and-stick model of the crystal structure of magnesium diboride

Ball-and-stick model of the crystal structure of magnesium diboride

Boron has long been a topic of interest to researchers due to its properties: low density, high mechanical strength, high thermal resistance, high melting point, its ability to absorb neutrons, and its high resistance to chemical attacks.


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Panasonic Aims to Make India an Exporting Hub

Japanese electronics major Panasonic is strengthening its manufacturing footprint in India. End January, its subsidiary Panasonic India inaugurated its first refrigerator-making factory in the country. Set up at an investment of $20 million,  with an annual production capacity of 500,000 units, the facility is located in India’s northern state of Haryana where the company is already making washing machines and air-conditioners.

Tetsuro Homma, CEO of Appliance Company and senior managing executive officer, Panasonic Corporation, said, “India is the fastest growing market for us. The company has a very clear strategic intent to enhance its appliance portfolio for which India has been identified as a developmental hub. We believe India has the potential to become our offshore delivery center for R&D and exports. We believe it can serve as a regional hub for markets such as West Asia and Africa.”

Panasonic Inaugurates India Innovation Center

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Pfizer, India’s Council of Medical Research to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

New York City-based Pfizer and state owned Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have partnered to establish a center in New Delhi to combat antimicrobial resistance in India. The joint initiative will implement a series of comprehensive interventions, ranging from programs for training staff in the healthcare sector to scaling up surveillance networks, and creating awareness around the responsible use of antibiotics. Pfizer has provided an initial grant of  $1 million  for this initiative with a provision to scale up as the program expands.

Logo of Indian Council of Medical Research

“It is important to channel all necessary resources in developing, implementing and monitoring antibiotic resistance to minimize its adverse impact, which is posing a huge threat to both health and food security. Infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis are becoming difficult to treat due to decreased effectiveness arising out of the irrational usage of antibiotics,” said K. VijayRaghavan, secretary, Department of Health Research and director general, ICMR.

Recognizing antimicrobial resistance as an important area to tackle, the government finalized a National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance last year which recommends six strategic priorities including improving awareness through communication, education and training, strengthening surveillance, and promoting investments for initiatives in this project.

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GM to Ramp Up Component and Passenger Vehicle Shipments from India

Detroit, Michigan-based General Motors which stopped manufacturing passenger vehicles for sale in India, is looking to ramp up component exports from India even as it continues to add new global markets for vehicle shipments from the country.

The company currently exports body panels and engines to Vietnam and Cambodia, and recently started exporting the Beat Notchback to Costa Rica. “Our exports have tripled [increased three times] over the past year and we are very pleased with the acceptance of our products in the export markets,” an official from the company said. In India, GM manufactures vehicles and components at its Talegoaon plant in the western state of Maharashtra.

In 2017, GM ranked 5th in India in terms of passenger vehicle exports. Its hatchback Beat was the highest exported passenger vehicle from India.

Chevrolet stering wheel

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