India Commissions Largest Solar Plant in the World

Kamuthi, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, now has the world’s largest solar power plant in a single location. With a capacity to produce 648 MW of electricity, the plant covers an area of  4 square miles.  The project consists of 380,000 foundations, 2.5 million individual solar modules, 576 inverters, and 154 transformers.  Each day, the plant is cleaned by a robotic system that is charged by its own solar panels, Al Jazeera reported.

Kamuthi Solar Power Plant

This solar plant is backed by the Gujarat-based conglomerate Adani Group, and it was constructed in a record time of eight months. The government wants to raise $1 trillion to quadruple its current global solar power to 1 terawatt by 2030, and there are plans to create even bigger solar parks in the state of Andhra Pradesh, says Quartz.


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India Launches Advanced Weather Satellite

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched its advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR using its GSLV-F05 from the spaceport of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The cryogenic engine used in the satellite was made in India.

GSLV-F05 being moved to launchpad

GSLV-F05 being moved to launchpad

This advanced meteorological satellite is configured with an imaging system, an atmospheric sounder, data relay as well as search and rescue transponders.

Other features include:

  • Imaging in middle infrared band to provide night time pictures of low clouds and fog
  • Imaging in two thermal infrared bands for estimation of sea surface temperature with better accuracy
  • Higher spatial resolution in the visible and thermal infrared band

Earlier launches using this technology—GSLV-D5 and GSLV -D6—were a success. The GSLV class of satellites also includes EDUSAT, which is used for distance education and other academic purposes, reports Mint.

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Asia Competitive Institute Ranks India’s States for Ease of Business

In a study done by the Asia Competitive Institute which is part of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi NCR, Goa and Andhra Pradesh are rated as the top five of 21 sub-regional economies in ease of doing business in India.

Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka, were rated as the most competitive states, as well as states that lead in attracting foreign direct investment accounting for over 50 percent of the total FDI inflow into the country, said Sasidaran Gopalan, research fellow at the institute.

States of India

States of India

India’s appreciating real effective exchange rates have not significantly affected FDI inflows over the last decade, reports Bloomberg.

“The impact of real exchange rates on FDI in India has been rather negligible so far,” Gopalan pointed out, citing the finding from a recently concluded study by the institute for 2000-2013. The research study, however, also concluded that the volatility in Indian rupee “actually appears to induce more FDI into the country”.

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India Tests Air-Breathing Propulsion Technology For Space Launch

India’s Space Research Organization (ISRO) conducted a successful experiment to demonstrate supersonic combustion using atmospheric oxygen on Sunday, August 28. It was the maiden experiment of ISRO’s Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ) engine, which uses hydrogen as fuel and air from the atmosphere as the oxidizer, at hypersonic conditions, and was an important step toward developing reusable launch vehicles to reduce the costs of future space missions, reports Business Standard.

The mission used the RH-560 rocket fitted with a supersonic combustion ramjet (Scramjet) engine, and it was launched at India’s rocket port located at Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota in the eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of the southern state of Kerala, developed the engines to be used in the RH-560 rocket, reports Defense World.


Launch Pad

The technology demonstration of hypersonic air breathing dual ramjet engines will lead to the design and development capability of advanced air breathing engines, including engines with variable geometry air intake for future space transportation systems.

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Andhra Pradesh to Set Up First Medical Device Park

India’s eighth largest state of Andhra Pradesh situated in the southeastern part of the country, is moving forward with a first medical device park in Asia dedicated to manufacturing medical devices. The park will span 226 acres at Visakhapatnam, the state’s largest city. India’s state-cabinet has approved funding of the Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone (AMTZ).

Rana Mehta, partner and leader for the health care division of leading accounting firm Pricewaterhousecoopers Private Limited, told Medical Device Daily, “In addition, facilities and incentives for manufacturing, such as the availability of electricity 24 hours every day, good connectivity with the rest of India, land for industrial purposes, creation of common facilities in the park and good governance also make Vishakhapatnam a good destination for manufacturing.”

“The next in pipeline are Maharashtra at Nagpur City and Gujarat. These are still at the preliminary discussion stage. AMTZ is seeing the fastest progress as yet,” Rajiv Nath, forum coordinator at the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry told Medical Device Daily.

Districts of Andhra Pradesh

Districts of Andhra Pradesh

AMTZ will have common manufacturing facilities such as specialized laboratories, warehouses, and testing centers. Small and medium-sized enterprises will be located in 100 to 150 independent manufacturing units, each in a built-in ready-to-use area of half to one acre each . High-end medical device manufacturing aimed at import substitution as well as looking for export opportunities, will also be accommodated. The average monthly rental will be less than $2000.

According to research firm GlobalData, India’s medical device sector is currently worth more than $5 billion and is projected to hit $17.6 billion by 2020. So far, over 50 companies have shown interest and 38 companies have submitted expression of interest letters after the Andhra Pradesh government sent out invitations to potential investors.



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