Credit Suisse: Commodity-Intensive Growth Has Started in India

Swiss financial services company, Credit Suisse recently spent time in India to ascertain the status of mineral resources and commodities. “India looks to be firing at last,” was one of the headings in the bank’s report. The investigators had meetings with government agencies and companies in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, focusing on demand for bulk companies such as coal and iron ore,as also fertilizer and aluminum.

The bank remarked that the best opportunity for miners looking for market opportunities in India, was copper since India had limited supplies of the mineral. It  also warned against selling iron ore and coal to India since with problems of bulk commodity distribution being overcome, India was self sufficient in these minerals, reports Forbes.

Coal Excavators

“We came away convinced that India really is on the cusp of a major growth phase,” the bank said. “Companies pointed out the positives they see from government policies; an anti-corruption focus, a level playing field without favoritism, clear high level policies, and government ministries and State-owned companies driving to implement the policies, and overcoming many problems of the past.”


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India’s Emami Enters Rich Country CPG Market

Kolkata-based Emami Limited, a personal care and healthcare company, has acquired a 67% stake in Fravin Limited, an Australian organic cosmetics firm for an estimated $3.1 million.   (Aus $4million plus)

Fravin’s founder, Peter Francis, said “Emami’s plans are to build a $77 million (AUS $100 million) manufacturing business out of South Australia over the next decade through our company. It’s a strategic move by the Indian company, which has more than 260 products in its portfolio, to enter the premium organic care markets in India and overseas.”

Established in 1974 by two childhood friends R.S. Agarwal and R.S. Goenka who quit their accountant  jobs to start the company, the now diversified “fairness” product manufacturer Emami Group operates in more than 63 countries. Cosmetic products form one part of its business, which also includes making ball pen tips, edible oil, infrastructure and development, cement, biodiesel, and hospitals.

Founders R.S. Agarwal and R.S. Goenka

Founders R.S. Agarwal and R.S. Goenka

Emami’s investment deal will benefit Fravin – the Australian company will be able to expand its manufacturing capacity and access new export markets. Emami will benefit from the ‘green chemistry’ of the Australian firm, reports Organic Monitor.

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Hershey Considers India “Key for Continued Growth”

Global confectionery major Hershey has seen a strong quarter of growth in India, and says it is committed to investing in this emerging market. reports that Hershey India, a subsidiary of The Hershey Company, operates both its confectionery and beverage lines from regional sales offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. The organization’s salesforce of 500 people reach more than a million retail outlets through 1,500 distributors spread across India. The Hershey brands Sofit, Hershey’s Syrup, Jumpin, Soft, and Jolly Rancher are popular with consumers.

“The scale and potential of India is key for our continued growth around the world and Hershey is committed to investing in India,” says Praveen Jakate, managing director of Hershey India.

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Engineering Firm AECOM Plans to Expand in India

AECOM, a Fortune 500, U.S.-based engineering  consulting firm that provides end-to-end solutions for all kinds of infrastructure development projects, plans to hire 1,500 more employees for its India operations, its global chairman & CEO Michael S. Burke said. Currently the company has 2,500 employees located across eight regional offices and project offices in 26 states in India.

Burke, who is visiting India for the first time, said in New Delhi, “AECOM is committed to India and is in a strong position to help Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government achieve the infrastructure vision for the country. We will be hiring professional local talent in India. They are expected to be engineering professionals, architects and planners.”

The company is working on the Dholera New Township in Gujarat, and development of the naval base Seabird in Karwar in the state of Karnataka. The projected construction cost for the two projects is $7.3 billion and $3 billion, respectively. It also provides consultancy services for the Metro rail projects in six cities. The total cost of construction works being undertaken by AECOM for the Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai Metros is $9.9 billion.

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India to Spend $16 Billion on Warships Submarines

Reuters, citing defense sources, reported that Prime Minister Modi had summoned a meeting of the cabinet committee on security on 16 February to approve construction of seven frigates equipped with stealth features to avoid easy detection, and the government cleared an $8 billion plan to build India’s most advanced warships.

Under the  “Project-17A” , four stealth frigates will be built at  naval shipyards  Mumbai and  three in Kolkata. “Project 17-A was awaiting cabinet clearance since 2012,” a defense source said, adding the Modi government was moving quickly on a project seen as of critical national importance.

The Times of India said the government had also approved six nuclear-powered submarines  for a further $8 billion. After the cabinet committee for security approval, technical parameters or naval staff qualitative requirements (NSQRs) will be drafted for the over 6,000-tonne submarines. These are likely to be constructed at the ship-building center in Visakhapatnam in the eastern coastal state of Andhra Pradesh where India’s first three nuclear-powered submarines with nuclear ballistic missiles are being built.

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